The Lost City

Digital Painting - The Lost City

Digital Painting – Abandoned Port of the Lost City.

Description: Digital Painting was done with photoshop. It is an imaginary place (Seen in my dreams). I visualized this location, somewhere in North-Western India where ancient civilizations flourished. Some visuals from the movies I saw also influenced in the color theme and tone of the painting.

My Dream: Evening sun scatters his rays through the remanence of an ancient port city. Some gate-like structures can be seen beside the river. Port is just beside a paved road, and a series of steps leading to the river can be seen.

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Apocalypse Gold

Digital Paingins

Apocalypse Gold

Expectations of two generations, frozen ground; and the bright light of hope on the horizon. Depictions of the modern post-industrial era society, looking forward to the uncertainty of a safe and predictable future.

Could also be the Guru, leading his disciple toward the light of ultimate knowledge, away from the complexities of worldly thoughts.

A digital painting, done using Adobe Photoshop (with Mouse, of course, I don’t have a Wacom tablet! :-))


Sun clonned


One fine morning, I noticed this beautiful scene. Dew drops on mall strands of moss being illuminated by the morning sun. Exactly like the might of God being instanced inside all beings.

“The clearer the thoughts, more shiny the mind will be”